IT Project Management Accelerators

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What Are Project Accelerators

IT Project Management Accelerators are tactical, practical solutions designed to enhance your existing project management processes and technologies so you may achieve superior results with the resources you already have. Whether you use Waterfall, Lean, Agile, DevOps or some hybrid leveraging our accelerators can have dramatic effects in a short period of time. Since Project Accelerators are highly focused for each phase of a project you can choose which accelerators you'd like to apply and can begin implementing them immediately on in-flight initiatives or those that are in your backlog or pipeline. From prioritization to roll-out, daily standups to change control management we have you covered.

Our Approach

We will work with you to identify your specific project delivery opportunities and co-create a tactical plan that can be immediately implemented to maximize your organization's benefit. We will work closely to train your existing personnel on how to leverage the accelerators so that the knowledge stays with you and can be applied, enhanced and improved based on your needs going forward. Whether you have a project that needs delivered in 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years our accelerators can get you on track to exceed delivery timeframe expectations, ensure you remain on budget and consistently deliver on meeting customer expectations.

What You Can Expect

Examples of benefits others have obtained by using the accelerators can include: 

  • Increased corporate engagement and project team empowerment
  • Improved delivery speed by up to 25% 
  • Eliminate User Acceptance Testing while improving delivery quality
  • Reduce released defects by over 80%
  • Shift what your IT budget supports; moved from 75% of budget spent on fixing existing problems to 80% on developing new capabilities, and
  • Greater transparency to project progress while reducing administration tasks and time.